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Our philosophy

We produce events and communications that are designed for people, real people.

By recognising this, we are able to consider their mindset, their hopes, their expectations, and their needs. And doing this enables us to understand them and to communicate with them – to take them on a journey – to move them from one place to another, through real human interactions and real human conversations.

Transforming Audiences.

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Our services

We all know that one-size doesn’t really fit all, so every one of our events is bespoke.

From our offices in London and Gothenburg, we specialise in these areas:

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We know that delivering a truly sustainable live event can seem a complex and weighty undertaking.

At Line Up we provide expert guidance to make the process a smooth one, that will deliver far reaching, positive effects on your business and brand.

We are committed to working with our staff, partners, clients, and suppliers to reduce our GHG emissions and continue developing sustainable practices, transforming the way we work.

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Our awards

It’s always nice to be recognised, especially by your peers.

Over the years, we have been pleased to receive over 30 international awards for the work we have produced transforming audiences.

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Our clients

Line Up has worked with some amazing brands.

As consumers, we know them instinctively. Each conjures up a certain image, a certain feeling, each has their own distinct character and way of speaking to us.

As an agency, we submerge ourselves in our clients’ brands, adopting their tone of voice and their attitudes – adapting, chameleon-like, in order to represent them faithfully.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that, at each touch point and at every guest interaction, our team are faithful to the brand that has entrusted us with their voice.

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Our commitments

We believe strongly in equality for all and in operating our business in an ethically responsible way.

We believe in honesty in relationships. We recognise that our clients, our colleagues and our suppliers are all individuals worthy of trust and that solutions are far easier to find if we behave in an open and respectful manner.

We are very proud that among each of these groups we still enjoy relationships that have lasted decades.

From our very early beginnings Line Up has had always had a consideration for the care of our planet and environment that we work in. Today we are more committed than ever to sustainable solutions that make a difference to our clients and our Industry.

Our blog

We explore. We observe. We critique. We celebrate. We try to be objective. We can be cheeky, as well as serious. Enjoy the read.

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Line Up Communications
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