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Volvo XC40 DriveLab

Volvo Cars tasked us with preparing their EMEA retailers, some 4,000 of them, to successfully introduce XC40 – a car that lives in the city.

It’s at night that cities look their most spectacular, their architecture floodlit to best effect – and Madrid is no exception. With a reputation for great cuisine and a vibrant nightlife, Madrid also has a unique ability to swallow vast amounts of traffic.

Gleaming alongside the city, the fleet of XC40s looked amazing. As the cars drove down boulevards or along cobbled lanes, they literally turned heads.

Sending 50 cars into an unfamiliar, busy city five nights a week for seven weeks takes a lot of planning and this was an intense four hours for the whole team – invisibly monitoring the guests and stepping in with a helping hand where needed.

Over 4,000 alcohol tests, 24,000 barcode scans and 2,000 successful “car-sharings” later, it is a source of pride to know that the guests had no idea the amount of effort that was put in to ensure that their experience was effortless and pleasurable.

This event went on to win C&IT’s prestigious and hotly contested ‘Automotive Event of the Year’.

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