Global Dealer Principal Conference

Volvo Cars


Volvo Cars asked us to create a global brand event held in Gothenburg for 1,500 Dealer Principals, presenting Volvo’s transformation programme. This event needed to be world-class on every level and leave dealers in no doubt that their future lay with the new, transformed Volvo.

The business sessions were held at the Gothenburg Opera House. The technical capabilities and scale of the venue enabled us to create an experience that had to be seen to be believed and gave Volvo executives the right kind of environment to deliver important future messaging in an unforgettable way.

In the evening DPs experienced a traditional Swedish Midsommar at a huge former shipbuilding warehouse at Eriksberg. A Swedish forest was recreated as a dramatic entrance, a Midsommar meadow provided the backdrop for a drinks reception and as the evening climaxed Volvo’s stunning Concept Coupé was revealed on a catwalk to speechless DPs.

“This has been a true 'wow' event!  Talk about 'the Volvo way'; that was a great example of what we can do our way.  It was a truly spectacular event and the reactions and mails I have received so far are stunning.”

Alain Visser, VP Sales Operations.

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