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A recent project from our sister company Shelton Fleming’s digital team.

#THOSEWHODARE is a new type of digital event featuring short, fast-paced content sessions, curated especially for the SME community.

Vodafone partnered up with Google, Microsoft and Spotify to produce a fast-paced, daily injection of creative inspiration from rebel thinkers and entrepreneurs across Europe’s SME community.

The on-screen idents acted as a thread to link content segments and introduce presenters. Those, together with film-style trailers and an industrial loft set, created a hip, energetic virtual experience that perfectly reflected the upbeat #THOSEWHODARE theme.

Broadcasting for one hour a day for four days, participants from 9 countries across Europe could hear from over 30 disruptive entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders, talking about real business issues and experiences, inspirational stories and tips and tricks from rule breakers that dared to be different.

More than 16,600 participants live across 9 countries allowed Vodafone Business to start over 7000 new business conversations and facilitate new partnerships.

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