The power of emotion

By Norman Tamkivi

We all know the room-filling silence that lingers after you have finished watching a powerful film with your friends. A great movie can evoke so many strong emotions in just a few hours that after the experience is over, you just want to sit, wait, recover and slowly return to the real world. Well-told stories resonate with us and stay in our conscious or unconscious mind for weeks, months or even for a lifetime.

Understanding this makes all the difference in the world of video content for events. Although some corporate topics might seem a bit uninspiring on the surface, Line Up always tries to create an engaging narrative for any film we produce. Evoking emotion is the key to making engaging and memorable connections.

I have been shooting films since the age of 10. Telling stories is not just my job but also my lifelong passion. I’ve been lucky to find myself working in an agency that, in addition to professional work, is keen on supporting extra-curricular or passion projects. Thanks to this, I have managed to make several award-winning films. My award-winning post-apocalyptic short drama-thriller, ‘The Border’ has been in 50 international film festivals, including the prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival. In stark contrast to ‘The Border’, my latest heart-warming short film ‘New Boy’, was selected from over 3,000 submissions to premier in one of the most important children’s film festivals in the world – Giffoni International Film Festival. It’s also in the programme of the famous Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

An essential ingredient in my films is ’emotion’. I love evoking strong emotions with impactful gripping stories, and I believe it’s beneficial to take that love for storytelling into creating content for our clients at Line Up. From content to support conferences, to corporate strategy videos, to promotional brand films… Well-told narratives capture our hearts and minds, and turn moments into experiences.

Interested in seeing my award-winning films? Check out the trailer below and email to see the full-length versions. I’ll send you password protected links for my two most recent works (descriptions below).


The Border – post-apocalyptic drama-thriller short film

After a devastating global nuclear and chemical war Britain is divided into two: the war wasteland in the south and the surviving north. Thousands of virus-infected refugees are trying to travel up north where civilized life is still possible. A disciplined military captain Thomas is tasked with toughening up a young and kind soldier Landon, who is unable to shoot the innocent refugees.

Watch The Border trailer below and see the website here.

New Boy – heart-warming drama short film

11-year-old Mike feels secluded in his new school and develops an obsession to buy a fancy augmented reality toy that the other kids are playing with together. His single mother cannot afford to buy it, so Mike sets out on a quest to collect the funds on his own and buy the game no matter what, so he could finally make friends at school.