Turning events into cascades

By Melly Turulia

It’s almost a law. Once an event is over, the music stops and everyone gets on with business as usual. All the good work – investment of time, effort and money – is allowed to slip away quietly. The event theme is put into early retirement. Pledges and promises made onsite fail to get turned into programmes. All the enthusiasm and understanding dribbles out to teams, when it could be cascaded and reinforced.

Then, when the next year’s event is planned, everyone starts from scratch. How often do speakers look back at previous content, key messages and event identities, before plotting out their presentations? Don’t answer that …

A parallel issue is how to extend the impact of an event geographically. How can you make messages about the company or brand, strategy or campaign consistent?

So here’s the remedy. Consider the Cascade as part of the event planning, rather than an afterthought. Create event collateral that can be reused and rescheduled for audiences in the months which follow the event. Produce and provide guidelines, so that everyone involved understands not only the materials and assets available, but how and when to use what.

Invest in online portals and platforms designed to attract visitors, full of rich content. Keep using and repeating this content across your communications activities (get brand, marketing and internal communications teams involved and fired up, early).

Appoint ambassadors to embody and spread the word. Ensure they are centrally trained and supported, so that a clear, consistent message is shared. Keep using the same language and terminology, keeping things as simple as possible.

Then plan the next year’s event as a continuation of your messaging and programme, so that key messages get reinforced and embedded.

Cascading efficiently multiplies impact. It builds better communications. And it maximises ROI.

What’s not to like?!